Our Product Assurance and Frequently Asked Questions 
We are a USDA facility and we adhere to stringent requirement guidelines of the United States Department of Agriculture to ensure all our products are fresh and meet or exceed the quality and standards required in the industry.

How long have we been in business?
EL AZTECA Food Products Co. has been in business since 1960. 
RODRIGUEZ Foods Inc. Has been incorporated since 1971, doing business as EL AZTECA Food Products Co. 

What ingredients are used?
We use fresh, quality ingredients in our products.  We require letters of guarantee from all facilities for which we receive any food items that are to be placed in any of our products. Our beef is from prime choice cuts. Our Pork is from lean cuts of Pork shoulder. Our chicken is from choice cuts of breast and thigh meat.  Our Cheese is quality USDA California Monterey Jack cheese.  We use a high grade quality fancy white corn for our fresh stone-ground MASA, and a special blend of fresh chili and spices to make the chili sauces used in our products. 

We participate to the following Quality Assurance organizations and programs:

    * We belong to USDA
    * HACCP program
    * On-site FDA inspector
    * Strict daily plant cleaning program
    * Metal detection program
    * Weight and Measurements program
    * Vacuum Packing program
    * Product Cooking and Steaming Measurement program
    * Product Receiving program
    * Refrigeration and Measurement program
    * Strict daily manufacturing guideline processes 

What quality assurance on packaging of our products?
Our products are made fresh daily and steamed cooked to strict specifications, cooled to 40 degrees temperature and then vacuum pack to prevent the growth of (Bacteria Pathogens). This gives the product a shelf life of 90 days if kept refrigerated under 40 degrees. Freezing our vacuum packed product will extend the shelf life for up to two years.