The Rodriguez Family

In 1960 The business was established by father Joe, and mother Francis Rodriguez. The family
was manufacturing CHORIZO, (A Mexican style Sausage). Wholesaling to markets & restaurants
in the San Jose area. Later business extended to the greater Bay Area, including San Francisco
and the Peninsula and as far south as Salinas, soon after the business extended to Sacramento
and Stockton regions.

In 1962 Joe Rodriguez Sr. passed away leaving his family to run the business.

In 1963, as a result of expanding volume, the business had out grown the Santa
Clara St. Plant. The Family looked for a larger facility to handle increased production of Chrorizo.The family found a business for sale called the Boston Sausage Co. The facility at 1858 West San Carlos St. had everything the Rodriguez family was looking for to increase their production of Chorizo. The Rodriguez family bought the Boston Sausage Co. and soon after renamed the business to El Azteca Food Products Co.

In 1964 The Rodriguez family was looking to expand its Mexican product line to include an old family recipe beef and pork TAMALES. This product had taste and real value to restaurant owners and market stores. Tamales became the best seller to our customers. From 1965 through 1968 business continued to increase to the point of out growing the facility at West San Carlos.

In 1969 production of our products had out grown the facility. It was not feasible to expand the current facility due to the physical limitations the plant had. The Rodriguez family began to look for land to build a new facility to handle future business.

In 1970 the site was found at 77 South 28th Street. Plans were drawn up to design a new production facility. She and the Sons had planned to have all the latest facility requirements in the design for current production as well as future expansion.

In 1971 Francis Rodriguez past away leaving the family business to her Sons and family who were involved with the family business, Salvador and Bernice, Victor and Stella and Robert. She never got the chance to see her dream become reality.

In 1972 the three son's decided to incorporate the business as Rodriguez Foods Inc. Doing business as El Azteca Food Products Co.Joe and Francis's dream was about to become reality, her Sons gave their professional insight and experience in designing plans to build this new facility. Thus a new era was born, with Salvador and Bernice, Victor and Stella and Robert.

On February 23rd, 1973, open house was held. The dream for a new plant became reality. Joe and Francis Rodriguez's legacy was past onto the next generation to carry on the business.

In 1976 the Rodriguez Brothers expanded their Mexican line of foods to include a Chili Relleno. Restaurants and markets were asking for a good Chili Relleno with great taste. The Chili Relleno was a nice complement to the beef and pork tamales already a big hit with our customers.

In the 1980's the family added an all Pork Tamale and a Chicken Tamale to their line of products. This complimented the line of Mexican foods with a variety of great tasting tamales.

In the 1990's the family added burrito's to their line of products a Chili Verde burrito and Chili Colorado burrito, a Bean and Cheese burrito, along with a Breakfast burrito. Late in the 1990's the Cheese Tamale was added to the line of tamales.

In 1997 Robert Eugene Rodriguez youngest of the Rodriguez brothers passed away leaving his wife Sofie and family.

In the 2000's a Chicken and Cheese Tamale was added to the line of tamales.

More history coming soon! 

2008: Current Manager & Co-Owner, Joe Rodriguez. ~ grandson to Joe and Francis Rodriguez.

Joe & Frances